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The web is constantly changing. 86% of New Zealanders search the web from their mobile devices, is your website responsive to their needs? We design websites mobile-first meaning your site works well on mobiles from day one and you don’t risk missing any customers who can’t use your site easily. Responsive design adapts the layout to desktop, tablet and mobile devices and ensures that your customers can easily read and navigate your site with minimal resizing, panning, and scrolling.

Beautiful Websites Across All Platforms

Every business is different, therefore every website we build is customised to reflect your personality and requirements. We can build you a simple one-page website through to a self-managed site. What’s important is that we align it to your brand, your culture and your personality. Your website should be something you actually want to use, want to promote, and works for you 24/7. We develop everything in-house using the latest technology with Silverstripe as the core platform.

SilverStripe is flexible, secure, and easy for you to use and update. Read more about why we chose Silverstripe over other platforms. We build with SEO (search engine optimisation) and marketing in mind, and we bring together the best of design, user experience and content so you are as proud as we are with the end result.

550Lanka Design is a full service website development agency specializing in website design and internet marketing services.

Whether you have an established business, or perhaps you are just starting out on the Internet, 550Lanka Design’s experienced team of web designers and internet marketing experts will help you expand upon your client base and help bring your business the attention it deserves.

responsive web design service